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Q: How soon until I receive my order?

A: With standard shipping, most orders are received in 5-7 business days.  There are shipping upgrades available to minimize delivery times.


Q: What are the file requirements when submiting my own artwork?

A:  All files should be at 300 dpi and have a .125" bleed, with all text and images (that aren't supposed to be cut off) should be no less than .25" from the outside of the bleed.  Acceptable file formats:  .pdf  .jpg  .png and in CMYK format.


Q: How do I apply my coupon or gift certificate code to receive my discount?

A: The coupon and/or gift certificate code can be applied in your shopping cart, you may need to scroll down below the File Upload area. If you had any issues with this process click contact us.


Q: If I want 2,500 business cards with my name, and 2,500 with my partner's name, can I get them for the 5,000 quantity price?

A:  No.  Our prices are based on individual designs, due to process requirements.  Because something changed (in this case the name), it becomes 2 seperate designs of 2,500.  Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how minor the modification is.  Changing something as simple as a name, or even one single letter, is the same as changing the entire design from a process standpoint.


Q: Do you guarentee printed color to match the color in digital proof?

A: No.  The digital proof may look different when compared to printed product.   In most cases, the digital proof is a fair representation of color.  There are a crazy amount of different factors that affect how colors are, and can be viewed.  Below are a few of the most common factors with regard to how colors are viewed and printed:

  • Light is removed - on printed product the light producing the colors on your computer screen, phone, tablet, or monitor is no longer there.  This makes the printed colors appear slightly darker when compared with the digital proof.
  • Device Settings - Each device (monitor, smart phone, laptop screen, tablet, etc.) is made with different hardware that display colors in different manners and resolutions.  The color settings from manufacturer to manufacturer will differ, and may be adjusted manually as well.
  • Colors may vary slightly from run to run as well. Meaning that if you were to order business cards today and use the exact same artwork for an order 6 months later, there may be some color variance.  There are many factors that contribute to this, from the person performing the work, general equipment wear, to the inks being manufactured at different times.  In most cases this color variance, if any, is minor. Terms and Conditions


Q: Do you print quantities larger than what's available on your site?

A: Yes. We can print quantities larger than what's listed on our site. Just shoot us an email: service@InexpensivePrintSolutions.com and send us the specs. Or, contact us.


Q: Do you print EDDM postcards?

A: Yes.  Just shoot us an email: service@InexpensivePrintSolutions.com and send us the specs. Or, contact us.


Q: What's the difference between premium stock and value stock?

A: Our premium card stock is a high quality 16pt. C2S stock.  This is great for a more professional image.  Our value card stock is a standard quality 12pt C2S stock.  This is an excellent choice when you are looking to save a few bucks. 


Q: I have questions about Bill Me Later...

A: Click Bill Me Later F.A.Q. for more information.


Q:  Who do I contact if I am having problems placing and order?

A:  Just send us an email: service@InexpensivePrintSolutions.com, or click contact us to fill out the form.  Please be specific in your description of the problems or issues that you're having.  This will assist us in finding the best solution.






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